§§134-1 to 18  [OLD]  REPEALED.  L 1988, c 275, §4.



     §134-16  Restriction on possession, sale, gift, or delivery of electric guns.  (a)  It shall be unlawful for any person, including a licensed manufacturer, licensed importer, or licensed dealer, to possess, offer for sale, hold for sale, sell, give, lend, or deliver any electric gun.

     (b)  Any electric gun in violation of subsection (a) shall be confiscated and disposed of by the chief of police.

     (c)  This section shall not apply to law enforcement officers of county police and sheriff departments of this State, or vendors providing electric guns to those entities; provided that electric guns shall at all times remain in the custody and control of the county police or sheriff departments.

     (d)  The county police and sheriff departments of this State shall maintain records regarding every electric gun in their custody and control.  Such records shall report every instance of usage of the electric guns; in particular, records shall be maintained in a similar manner as for those of discharging of firearms.  The county police and sheriff departments shall annually report to the legislature regarding these records twenty days before the beginning of each session. [L 1988, c 275, pt of §2; am L 2001, c 252, §3; am L 2002, c 16, §5]


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