Part I. General Regulations
134-1 Definitions
134-2 Permits to acquire
134-2.5 Permits for motion picture films or television program production
134-3 Registration, mandatory, exceptions
134-3.5 Disclosure for firearm permit and registration purposes
134-4 Transfer, posession of firearms
134-5 Possession by licensed hunters and miniors; target shooting; game hunting
134-6 Repealed
134-7 Ownership or possession prohibited, when; penalty
134-7.3 Seizure of firearms upon disqualification
134-7.5 Seizure of firearms in domestic abuse situations; requirements; return of
134-8 Ownership, etc., of automatic firearms, silencers, etc., prohibited; penalties
134-9 Licenses to carry
134-10 Alteration of identification marks prohibited
134-10.5 Storage of firearm; responsibility with respect to minors
134-11 Exemptions
134-12 Repealed
134-12.5 Forfeiture of firearms, ammunition, deadly or dangerous weapons, and switchblade knives; when
134-13 Revocation of permits
134-14 Report
134-15 Restriction of materials for manufacture of pistols or revolvers
134-16 Restriction on possession, sale, gift, or delivery of electric guns
134-17 Penalties
134-18 Qualified immunity for physicians, psychologists, or psychiatrists who provide information on permit applicants
134-21 Carrying or use of firearm in the commission of a separate felony; penalty
134-22 Possession of a firearm with i ntent to facilitate the commission of a felony drug offense; penalty
134-23 Place to keep loaded firearms other than pisols and revolvers; penalty
134-24 Place to keep unloaded firearms other than pistols and revolvers; penalty
134-25 Place to keep pistol or revolver; penalty
134-26 Carrying or possessing a laoded firearm on a public highway; penalty
134-27 Place to keep ammunition; penalty


Part II. Firearms, Dealers' Licenses
134-31 License to sell and manufacture firearms; fee
134-32 License to sell and manufacture firearms; conditions
134-33 Punishment for violations of section 134-32
134-34 National emergency, when

Part III. Dangerous Weapons
134-51 Deadly weapons; prohibitions; penalty
134-52 Switchblade knives; prohibitions; penalty
134-53 Butterfly knives; prohibitions; penalty